Connectwerks.Com is an ideation company that develops cloud software for personal and professional enrichment. Great ideas come from passionate people and innovation begins with inspiration; “Inspire and be Inspired”. Connectwerks is where talent, opportunity, and ambition drive life-transitions using our cloud social media site app.

We’re all here to connect! The Connectwerks Cloud Site Application prepare people for success in a globally competitive world. People should be engaged in learning or work that is relevant to their passion. We bring people of all varying backgrounds together to share and discuss compelling life events, emerging technologies, and soft-skill qualities that can be universally beneficial to anyone. Connectwerks allow you to build a power-network of individuals that can help guide you academically and professionally. What's the point of connecting just to connect if the connect can't help you move your life to the next great “something”. Inspire and Be Inspired!

Connectwerks Cloud Site App software technology attributes:

Power Networking: Sharing advice, acquiring key decision makers and building relationships with like-minded people. If you want to be successful be connected with successful, people in the profession that you are most interested in.

Millennial Engagement: We provide millennials with specific soft-skills, v-mentoring, peer collaboration, transition capabilities, and consistent feedback they crave in a timely, ease of access, and streamlined process.

Navigating Your Passion Change: Navigating your passion change is critical in you being highly proactive and successful when you are doing what it is you love to do! Learn about it, then compete for it, for experience at it, so that you can go do it!

We also partner with companies, organizations, and institutions to provide our professional services of ideation/ innovation for early stage technology solutions, cloud technology guidance, prototype development, and managed services for existing projects, programs, curriculum, digital media, creative branding, and product solutions across multiple industry verticals.

Connectwerks.Com Professional Services
  • Cloud & Technology Readiness
  • Digital Content Development
  • Graphic & Animation Design for Social
  • Technical Assistance & Training for Mentoring/Education Programs
  • Restart and Redesign; technology, programs, software solutions
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Custom Development Branding

However, technology is not the answer alone. It needs to be supported by inspired people and innovative processes.

No software installation required. “Connectwerks” is a cloud based solution for building, sharing, being inspired, and inspiring your social network for collaborations, soft-skills improvement, business process management, transition management, talent pipeline, virtual mentoring, life planning, and curriculum projects. Click here:

Join our Global ConnectGenius Academy where individuals from all over the world can apply for admission to gain ConnectGenius soft-skills training and certification. To join our competitive Global ConnectGenius Academy you have to apply and be accepted into the program. For more information on applying send an email to with Global ConnectGenius Academy in the subject line.

Visit here to make a Connectwerks Donation or Sponsorships
We will match up to 15% of your contribution in the form of a solution endowment (free licensing) to schools.

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